The “Irrepressibly Durable Thingamajig” enables me to look at a batch of music you wouldn’t usually hear in The Zone @913. From soul to dance with some rock in between, hit play to learn of some new musicians and what they’re all about.

For Halloween 2013 I was joined by a handful of interesting co-hosts. Wendy The Wicked Witch of Vancouver Island, Kieran the anxious ghost and Roger the German Vampire…Things got interesting.

In July 2013 I managed to obtain a bucket list interview with Felix of The Cat Empire. This phoner with a man in one of my all time fave bands led to a great hang when they were next in town, and I’m still reeling from gaining some of his time.

April 18th 2013: Daft Punk were about to release their first new non film score track in eight years. Thanks to some quick downloading and brilliant label help, The Zone became the first official spin in North America. What an honour to fall within the show I have. I couldn’t just merely introduce it…

Here is the rest of what I have on Soundcloud. You’ll potentially hear raps, to listener sass and interviews with fellow humans.