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If you’re reading this then you did it, surviving the great Victoria snow storm is no mean feat…

Nay I was just pleased to have not been snowed in at work over the weekend.

Sarcasm aside how on earth does a snowflake come to be in the fist place?

The ice crystal(s) in snowflakes owe their six-fold rotational symmetry to the hydrogen bonds in water molecules. As water freezes, water molecules bound to other water molecules crystallize into a hexagonal structure, where each point on the hexagon is an oxygen atom and each side of the hexagon is a hydrogen bonded to an oxygen. As freezing continues, more water molecules are added to this microscopic six-sided structure, causing it to grow in size into the six-sided macroscopic structure that we recognize as snow flakes. – R. Gonzalez

Using the magic of time-lapse photography and microscopy,Vyacheslav Ivanov has captured the formation of ice crystals we call snowflakes, and the result is absolutely stunning.